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This is one of our most frequently asked questions. We do not sell puppies. However, we have provided some links below that you may be interested in looking at while you search for a furry friend. The Fox Valley Humane Association, Happily Ever After in Marion, WI and Orphan Animal Rescue and Shelter in Neenah, WI have great resources whether you are looking to care for a current pet or adopt a new one!
About 6 years ago, eBay no longer allowed users to use their email address as their user name. At the time owner, Janel Bedor was reading the book 'A Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley. She read an online review and the reviewer referred to Huxley's book as a "centrifugal bumble puppy of ideas." Janel thought this was an accurate depiction of her brain on any given day so adopted the name for her business. Also puppies are pretty darn cute!
We can't answer this question on our website because it depends. Every household is unique and every family and situation calls for a different array of services. If you are thinking about an estate sale and want to know what the charges are, please contact us via email or phone to set up a no cost consultation so that we may personalize a quote that fits exactly what you are looking for. Our sales are almost always done on a straight percentage basis and only incur hourly fees for extra services or extraordinary circumstances. There are absolutely no upfront fees or charges.
Sometimes. However we charge an additional commission on this items above and beyond our normal commission. It is difficult to sell items after they have already been picked over. In our experience when we accept estate sale and rummage sale leftovers, the quality of the merchandise does not adequately match what we want to sell in our store. We respect your right to sell your own stuff ahead of time, but respectfully decline to offer the same commission and sales plan of "fresh" estate merchandise. Additionally, the demand for our time, warehouse space and floor space is pretty high and often we don't have room for slower moving items.
Not at this time. We are looking into expanding and conducting some monthly auctions in addition to our estate sale business. We are receiving high call volumes from consignment costumers and we do not have space at all of our sales so have decided to try an additional outlet.
The families decide what they choose to do with the items that do not sell. Some families decide to keep the items, others decide to donate them. BumblePuppy can leave these items where they are or we can arrange to have them donated. Sometimes we can also continue to try to sell items at our store in Appleton. We customize solutions for each sale depending upon the families wishes. On some occasions, we also take some items on consignment to sell in a different marketplace.
Yes We are located at 621 Westhill Blvd. in Appleton, Wisconsin. We feature 7,500 square feet of estate sale treasures and sell about a third to a half of our inventory weekly to 1,000-2,000 weekly customers.
Many factors go into pricing items including condition, brand, age, use, time of year and location to name a few. We consider these factors when pricing items and also consult with appraisers, collectors and Internet valuation sites as needed. We also rely on our experiences conducting estate sales each week. We attempt to keep prices reasonable at sales so that the item sells before the end of the estate sale. We often have reduced prices on the afternoon of the last day of the sale to help sell any remaining items.
This varies. Most sales have 1,000-2,000 people through on any given weekend. Depending upon the time of year, specific offerings for sale and size of the estate sale, we have significantly more than that. We typically have 50-100 people waiting in line to get into a sale the first day and stay consistently busy for the remaining times and days of the sale. Location and quality and quantity of items for sale play a big factor in the number of people through on any given weekend. We have an email list of hundreds of people who have come to our website and signed up to be notified about sales and who follow us pretty faithfully. This list is continually growing by anywhere from 10-20% per month. Because we do one or two sales most weekends we are able to market future sales regularly.
We have a sign up sheet out for almost all of our sales. Usually this is out the morning of the first day of the sale. You will have to check specific sale information to double check when the sign up goes out. We have a sign up so that people do not have to wait in line quite so long. Usually you only have to worry about the sign up if you are coming to the sale during the morning of the first day. Sometimes we have over 100 people who want to get into the sale when it opens. We want to have safe and orderly sales, so we cannot let that many people into the house at a time. You must be present when your name is called. You may sign up one other person when you sign up. You may also call to sign up. Everyone who is physically present at the time of sign up get signed in first and then call ins will be added to the list, in the order that the message was received. If you have questions about sign up please call of email. If you are coming to the sale in the afternoon or after the first day, you will likely not need to worry about signing up. There is no charge to sign up.
If you have decided to do an estate sale or want to find out more about a sale, please contact us when you are ready. We offer a free consultation in which we can talk about your specific needs, answer any questions and put together a plan. Typically, we meet with the client, review the items to be sold, develop a specific contract, choose a date, take pictures, and go from there. Call or email us when you are ready!
Every estate is different so it is difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame for your sale. However, typically we meet with you and ideally we like to have at least one month before the sale to market and advertise things properly (many times this is not possible, so we can make it work with less time). We generally work on set up and pricing for 5 days. Some sales take a lot longer, some less. It all depends upon the estate requirements. We then run a one, two or three day sale (typically) and you receive payment within ten days of the sale conclusion. This is the general process, but please keep in mind that all sales are different.
Make sure that the company is one your feel comfortable list. Ask for references and make sure those references are from people that have had an estate sale organized and run by the company, not just a friend. Additionally you will want to check the reputation of the company. Are they a current BBB member in good standing? What do other people have to say about the one you are hiring? Is the company a member of a Chamber of Commerce? It the company bonded and insured (this includes worker's compensation, liability insurance, dishonesty bonds, etc). Read the contract carefully. Make sure you understand all the charges and procedures. Check the local newspaper for any articles written about the company. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions, there are no dumb questions. It is not a bad idea to check out the company's WI business files as well as do a background check of the owners. However if you are doing your own background check online make sure you keep in mind that people have duplicate names (ie. there is more than one John Smith). Check Angie's list for reviews and ask around town. Ask about the volume of sales that a company usually conducts as well as their turn out, percentage of items that sell, etc. Ultimately you are going to need to trust the company you choose so make sure you do your homework and feel comfortable.
Sometimes there are factors that result in a case where a sale cannot be held on site. In this case, we offer a couple solutions that include moving the items to the site of another sale where there is room, renting a spot in which to have a sale or offering a direct buy out price. We can work with you to find a solution that best fits your individual needs. Often times this is the stuff that we take to our retail location in Appleton.
Nope. You are welcome to be there if you so choose, but typically the family or client is not there for the sale. However, since the sale is of your items and often in your house, this is up to your discretion. Some people find this difficult do to sentiment, time frames or the fact that they do not live in the area.
Sometimes it can seem as though the cost to hire a company to conduct a sale is just too high. However, there are benefits that you may not have thought about. First of all, we do all the work. You simply remove or mark the things that are not for sale and we come in and do everything else. Secondly, we have a lot of estate sale supplies including price guns, ample tables, signage, appraisers and much more. We also understand the current sales market to ensure that items are priced correctly. We conduct one to three sales EVERY WEEK in this area so we know what's selling and what's not. Additionally, we bring a lot of shoppers in to the sale. We have over 1,000 people on our dedicated email list, nearly 2,000 people that shop in our store every week (where we advertise upcoming sales and have a computer that they can use to check out pictures), another 800 people on our Facebook page and over 1,000 webpage views per week as well as all the shoppers that come to sales preceding your sales. Therefore, we tend to have a really good turn out for sales. We also use traditional newspaper and internet advertising as well. However, we will get people there! The extra cost of hiring us to do that sale is made up for in terms of sale turnout, pricing expertise and the convenience of having someone else do the hard work!
Please remember the adage that one person's junk may be another's treasure. We would prefer if you did not throw things away or donate things ahead of time. Sometimes you would be surprised what things sell and how much they are worth. Please don't thrown things out ahead of time if you can help it. This includes advertising, magazines, clothing, shoes and other items.
We sort items, clean them, dust them and display them in the best way possible in order to have a successful sale. We bring in our own banquet and card tables, organize closets, remove items from drawers, attics and nooks and crannies to make sure that shoppers can see everything that is for sale. We try to make sure that everything is accessible and can be seen. We limit access to areas that are off limits and make the best use of all available space.
Please let us know. We have people who can help load things into your vehicle and can also many times deliver items to your home or arrange to be at the point of sale at a different time. It depends upon each specific sale. We often ship items to customers as well. We can also hold items for you as long as you have paid for them if you need to have some time to make transportation arrangements.
Please let us know. We have people who can help load things into your vehicle and can also many times deliver items to your home or arrange to be at the point of sale at a different time. It depends upon each specific sale. We often ship items to customers as well. We can also hold items for you as long as you have paid for them if you need to have some time to make transportation arrangements.
Sorry, we do not allow for early shopping or buying for any reason. If you have a medical issue that prevents you from entering the premises, we can often arrange to bring specific items out for you to see. If you have special needs when you come to our sale, please let us know and we can try to accommodate you. For people who are on vacation, you are always welcome to call or email us about any items you wish to purchase after the beginning of the sale.
Sorry, in most cases this is not possible. We do not have the resources to call every button, slot car, handkerchief or comic book collector every time we have one of those items in the sales. Please sign up for our email list and we will include those types of items in our sales descriptions and pictures.
We accept cash, good check, and credit and debit cards at our sales. These are all at no fee to you. We do not offer layaway or credit plans at this time.
We record our sales on a customized ipad application. This data then gets downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet which we can either email or print off and mail to the client. This saves us from making transcription errors or having to record sales on a piece of paper. We can track categories and items and have an efficient check out system.
We support a variety of charities that serve an array of needs. If an estate has items, money or other donations that involve charities, the clients have the may choose any charity they wish so we have worked with many. Some of our personal favorite charities are:The Boys and Girls Club, Animal Rescue Operations and Humane Societies, International Children's Fund, St. Vincent DePaul, Habitat for Humanity, It Gets Better, Public Schools and Libraries, and many more! There are so many great causes out there and so many people doing good work to benefit others!
We also get this question quite often. The Scott/Bedor clan do not have any dogs. However, we grew up with the world's most fantastic mutt named Tuffy! We love dogs, but we actually are/have been the homes of a bunch of superb cats: Mopsey, Stink, Tooti Fruiti, Gus, Midnight and Molly.

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