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There are many different types of appraisals that can be done on an item.  For instance, do you need an appraisal for insurance value or are you looking to sell an item?  Insurance value and sale value are two different things.  If you plan to sell your item are you looking to put it on ebay, craigslist, in an antique mall, sell to a liquidator or sell to a collector?  All of this makes a difference in the value of the item. BumblePuppy offers a variety of appraisal services.  If you are looking for insurance appraisals or replacement appraisals, court appraisals, etc, we recommend that you hire a certified appraiser.  Our expertise is in sale appraisals or basically how much you can expect to get for your item(s) when selling them in different markets.


BumblePuppy offers three types of appraisals:

1.  In store appraisal.  In this case you bring your items to the store.  You will need to make an appointment and we will have an appraiser available for you.  The cost is $15 per item for most items.  We will tell you what your item is, what it is worth and provide suggestions on the best place to sell the item.  If your item is difficult to appraise, we may charge more.  In most cases this will take less than a half hour and you can browse the store while you are waiting.  If you bring in four items, you can bring a fifth in for free.  If you choose to consign any of your items with BumblePuppy, the appraisal is free for those items.

Call 920-213-0927 to set up an appointment.


2.  Online appraisal.  If you just want to send us some information online to get your item appraised, you can fill out a form, send pictures and also submit payment via paypal (either with your account or with a credit card).  If you are unable to use paypal for the transaction you can call in your credit card information to the store at (920) 257-4673 during regular business hours (Wed-Sat 9-6).  You must provide a good description of the item, including condition and maker's marks, etc.  We may need to contact you for additional information.  You must also be able to provide pictures for the online appraisal.  To fill out the online appraisal form, please click here:


3.  Appraisal at your site.  If you have an entire home, are unable to bring in or send pictures of your items, we can travel to your site to appraise.  The fee structure for this sort of appraisal is not calculated per item.  We charge and hourly fee plus mileage.  The fees are $35 an hour (with a minimum charge of one hour) plus $2.00 per mile from 621 Westhill Blvd in Appleton.  If you choose this type of appraisal, you will need to let us know if you are looking for us to price items for you to have your own sale (in which case, we will bring supplies) or if you are looking for a written list of items with values attached.  If you are looking for us to price for a sale, there is an additional supply charge of $30 for ink, price gun sticker rolls, price gun usage and paper.  If you are looking for a typed list, there will be some additional time used to type up and formalize your report.

Call (920) 213-0927 to set up an appointment

In addition to the appraisal services listed above, we also offer the following services at an hourly rate of $35 (with a minimum of one hour charged)

  • Professional Photography
  • A written item description with historical, geographical, other information
  • A value certificate  for each item

Should you need additional appraisal services not listed on this page, please contact us with your needs and we can work up an individual plan.

Clean Out and Cleaning Services

BumblePuppy provides professional clean out services which include removing debris, shredding, taking things to donate, recycling, taking items to the dump and more.

Items that can be sold at our store are put on consignment and your credit earned can be used to offset the clean out services.

Clean out rates start at $30 an hour plus expenses. Contact us today for a quote.

Repurposing and Upcycling

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We Buy Gold and Silver

BumblePuppy Sales now buys gold and silver, and our rates are hard to beat! Oftentimes we pay well over what the pawn shops and jewelry shops pay.

  • Scrap jewelry
  • Antique silver sets
  • Flatware
  • New and old jewelry in any condition

Call us at (920) 213-0927 or stop in to one of our stores to make an appointment.

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