Do you have an especially valuable item ($5,000+) that you just don't know what to do with?  Perhaps it is a piece of fine art, an extremely rare antique or a piece of history.   BumblePuppy can help!  We can provide brokerage services to sell your item for you!  This service is not a commissioned service since we are helping you to find a high end or specialty marketplace to sell your item.  

Bring your item in and we will find the best marketplace for the item.  Generally these services cost $150 plus shipping fees to send your item to its very best marketplace.  You are still subject to that marketplace's fees.  However, we can take the guess work out of deciding what auction house or gallery to submit your item to.  We can often identify the very best marketplace for your item which generally can add a lot of additionl money returned back to you!

Contact Janel at (920) 213-0927 for more information or questions today!

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